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 At Flourish, we believe in finding the root cause of your pain or dysfunction. With years of experience in pelvic health physical therapy, you can be confident in the care you receive.     

Conditions we can treat:

  • ​Pregnancy related pain

  • Male pelvic health 

  • Urine leakage

  • Urinary urgency 

  • Urinary Frequency 

  • Difficulty emptying your bladder

  • Constipation 

  • Accidental loss of feces or gas

  • Abdominal pain and Adhesions

  • Pain with sex

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Pelvic pain 

  • Diastasis Rectis Abdominis

  • Back, Buttock, hip, groin pain

  • Coccyx or tailbone pain 

  • Safe return to exercise postpartum 

  • and much more..

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Our concierge practice is highly specialized in treating pregnancy related pain, postpartum recovery and pelvic pain 

Pregnancy does not have to be painful 

Pregnancy is such an amazing process, but it can also be hard on your body. Many people experience aches and pains. These can include low back pain or "sciatica", pubic symphysis pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Physical therapy can safely help with all of these nagging sources of pain to make your pregnancy as enjoyable and painless as possible. 


Still not sure if we are right for you? 

Call us today at (941) 269-6061 for a FREE 15 min discovery session

Find out if pelvic PT with Flourish Physical Therapy is right for you!

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