Meet Dr. York!

I’m so glad you are here!
My Name Is Dr. Jacqueline York PT, DPT, WCS, but I prefer to go by Jaci (pronounced exactly like “Jackie”). 

I am the founder and owner of Flourish Physical Therapy, a mobile, concierge, home health physical therapy company that specializes in pelvic health physical therapy (PHPT) . I created this company due to a major need I saw in my community. Pelvic health is a very underserved area of health care.  Many people, even doctors and other healthcare workers, do not know this specialty exists. I cannot tell you how many healthcare workers I have personally treated that had no idea PHPT existed before being referred to me, let alone the impact it can have in helping their patient populations. On top the gap in knowledge of the specialty, there are also just not enough trained pelvic health physical therapists out there. 


One major disconnect in healthcare is in the pregnancy and postpartum world. I became intimately aware of this while going through both of my pregnancies. I feel so fortunate that I had the knowledge base and resources to advocate for myself during this time in my life. However, it honestly hurts my heart to think of how many women are navigating that same journey without knowledge of resources or support. I firmly believe that knowledge is power. Having the education and resources available to make informed choices and manage your health to the best of your ability is a vital part of healing

Many women suffer with pain and discomfort during their pregnancy that does not always “just go away” after baby arrives. Additionally, the 6-week postpartum checkup is often not enough to ensure you are healing optimally and ready for full return to daily activities. Every woman should at least be offered the opportunity to have a full musculoskeletal exam to screen for things like diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), pelvic floor and overall core function. Common things that can linger after a pregnancy either right away or at times even months or years down the line are leaky bowl or bladder, DRA, back pain, hip pain, pain with intimacy, dysfunction with intimacy and more.  Anyone that tells you this is just a "normal" part of having a baby isn’t necessarily wrong. These issues are very common after the major changes your body goes through with growing and birthing a human. However, there is help for these issues, and I know that women deserve more!  I’m determined to help redefine the standard of pregnancy and postpartum care. Whether you are 3 months or 30 years postpartum, pelvic health physical therapy CAN help you. 

Personal Pelvic Physical Therapy Experience


I am a busy mom of two kiddos, and I know how hard it is to get to an appointment when you have a lot going on. That is one part of what inspired me to create Flourish PT. Bringing the services you need into your own home takes part of the hassle out of making it to an appointment. 


Not only am a provider of pelvic health physical therapy, but I am also a patient. I have experienced pelvic pain off and on since my teen years, and dyspareunia (pain with sex) throughout my young adulthood. I unfortunately did not know about pelvic health physical therapy until later in my young adulthood. I became a patient after my first child. Fortunately, I was already practicing at that time and knew the signs of what to look for in someone that may benefit from PHPT services. I was a prime candidate. 


I received PHPT after each of my children and for very different reasons. After my firstborn, I had severe coccyx (tailbone) pain from a traumatic, vacuum assisted delivery which was unrelenting for several months. PHPT resolved my pain by at least 80% by the time we were done with sessions. I was finally able to sit on the floor with my baby without pain! It was wonderful. After my second child, I had a diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA) and mild leakage of urine which were fully resolved. I knew from my professional experience that these things could be resolved or at least improved with PHPT, but to experience it first-hand was honestly life changing. These experiences further fueled my passion to help women with their pelvic health needs, allowing them to flourish.